The façades and party wall enclosures are characterized by the use of CLT panels. It consists of a cross laminated timber panels (XLAM) made by layers of wood arranged longitudinally and transversely and glued together. It ensures great dimensional stability (length and width), being the result of a constructive
technique adapted to the most demanding needs and providing excellent structural benefits.


The external façades will have an Aquapanel cement slab with a white finish and, on the internal side, an important thermal and acoustic insulation of rock wool and a double layer of plasterboard, with a white finish. The party walls will have the same composition as the facades, but with a double layer of
plasterboard on both internal faces.


The implementation of this construction system achieves a building of great structural stability, air tight and with high thermal and acoustic performance.


The ceiling between floors is made with a wooden beam structure and wooden tongue and groove panels, on which a reinforced 5 cm thick concrete slab is placed, then a light screed prior to laying the pavement.


The roof is made with the same structural system of beams and wooden boards seen for the ceiling, then a reinforced concrete slab is placed, a steam sheet, and a double polystyrene insulation. The slope is made with uprights and exterior finish panels with self-protected double waterproofing.


The terraces floors are made with ceramic tiles for exteriors, non-slip and high resistance to abrasion and reduced water absorption.


The interior floors are made with PVC flooring imitating wood.


Walls in shower area with ceramic tiles, placed with adhesive.


For sliding doors and windows, a PVC carpentry system EKOSOL is used, a design that combines high performance of thermal and acoustic insulation with an aesthetic finish of stylish lines and white in color.


For hinged windows, a PVC SOFTLINE 70 DJ joinery is used, with a straight white blade. This system is characterized by 5 independent chambers that create their profiles, providing great energy savings.


The glass used to achieve the highest possible thermal and acoustic insulation is the PLANISTAR ONE, with 4 mm Planilux sheets and an intermediate 16 mm air chamber..


The interior joinery consists of normal doors composed of alveolar MML4 sheets decorated by four horizontal stripes, and solid laminated beech. All the set in “German White” color.


The interior staircase of each house will be executed in wood XLAM panels.


The urbanization has a general cistern that supplies each house.


Installation using polyethylene pipes for the supply of cold water. Each home will have installed a Solar Thermal Panel with a capacity of 200 liters (Solimpeks brand or similar) as a contribution to the production of hot water.


Sanitation installation is with PVC pipes, with prefabricated manhole boxes.


Installation of overall electric system responding to EU legislation, with ground connection and switches of medium/high quality range with white covers, frame and trims.


Installation of Common Telecommunications Infrastructure that includes terrestrial and satellite radio-television, telephone system and broadband


Sanitary ware are ROCA brand GAP seri8e for toilets and sinks. Water taps, shower screens and shower trays ROCA brand.


Installed and equipped with kitchen plate, oven and fumes extractor.