XLAM panels are true self-supporting solid wood walls and completely replace reinforced concrete and bricks in building construction. XLAM is the ideal construction material for a sustainable future and has many advantages over conventional materials:

  • short set-up time, easy to assemble and high level of prefabrication
  • up to 10% more living space gained by using XLAM
  • XLAM is lighter than concrete or brick
  • eco-friendly and sustainable construction method
  • positive CO2 balance
  • comfortable and healthy indoor climate
  • excellent fire safety characteristics
  • good insulating properties
  • excellent structural properties
  • dry construction method
  • earthquake-resistant construction method
  • sustainable, certified building material


External wall

Internal supporting wall

Ceiling between floors

Top floor wall

Wood the future of buildings

Fire resistance

Earthquake resistant

Time Lapse Xlam construction